Clinical Pilates Studio sessions:

Studio sessions utilise specialised Pilates equipment such as the reformer, trapeze table, ladder barrel and wunda chair.  A specialised program will be tailored specifically for you to meet your individual requirements. Classes can then be undertaken on a one on one basis or as part of a small group. Group classes will be limited to a maximum of three participants, each carrying out their own program under close supervision.

Prior to commencing a Clinical Pilates program you will be required to have an initial consultation with one of our instructors to assess your individual needs.  A further one-on-one session is then required where we will work with you to ensure your program is tailored to meet your specific goals and that you are confident enough to progress to a group setting. You will then continue to be closely monitored to ensure you progress and obtain the maximum benefit from each session. 

Mat Class Sessions:

Mat sessions are also offered targeting core strength, flexibility, posture and general well-being.  Each class runs for 45 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure a high level of personal supervision.  Due to the small class size we can ensure exercise progressions and modifications within each class to suit varying ages and abilities.

When commencing a Mat program you will be required to attend at least one Level 1 Mat Class. This class is designed to train you in all of the basic principles and concepts required to gain the most from your Pilates training. By attending a Level 1 class the instructor will be able to ascertain any specific strengths or limitations you may hold. At the discretion of the instructor you will then be able to progress through the levels of Pilates training at a time appropriate to your expertise. 

*Please note mat classes are not suitable for people seeking an individualised program or who have a current injury or acute pathology.

Chair Pilates:

This class is designed for those with physical limitations due to injury or illness or the elderly that may struggle to get down onto a mat to perform more traditional Pilates exercises.  The exercises are performed with the aid of a chair or fitness ball and are aimed at improving balance, mobility and strength.