About Pilates at Barwon Osteopathy and Pilates

At Barwon Osteopathy and Pilates our aim is to extend the same high quality personalised service we have been known for in our osteopathic services into a Clinical Pilates setting. 

The addition of a new modern Pilates studio means that we can now offer both specialised group classes or one on one sessions tailored to suit individual needs.  

Clinical Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and will be offered in either a small class setting or in an individualised program to meet your specific needs.  All classes will be carried out by qualified Pilates instructors.  

Clinical Pilates is a low impact, patient specific body conditioning program which focuses on developing fluent, efficient, controlled and balanced movement.  It can be used to help with the rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries utilising a wide variety of exercises of varying degrees of difficulty; from easy to very hard.  Pilates classes provide a great form of exercise for the maintenance and improvement of general strength and fitness with particular focus on core and trunk stability and postural education as well as the support of health and general well-being.